+*B Willow-Lane Scipio
$125 for 5 Straws of semen

SS: ++B M’Aiken’s JH Hallelujah
S:++*B GCH Companeros Hallelujah Standard
SD:GCH Companeros Reason Stasia 7*M

DS: GCH ++*B des Ruhigestelle Equus (Previous #1 USDA Sire)
D:GCH Willow-Lane Equus Ellenore 5*M Top Ten Doe
DD: Willow-Lane Jacqueline 4*M 1-11 324 3570 3.25%BF 2.89%P, (305 3480 113BF 100P).

Scipio was an ADGA Qualifying Young Sire. Scipio scored LA-FS 92 EEE. Scipio’s sire, Standard has sired many GCH daughters. Scipio’s dam, GCH Willow-Lane Equus Ellenore is the most productive saanen we have ever bred and had an unstoppable will to milk. Among her many accomplishments and awards, she was:

A Top Ten Breed Leader, ranking #4 in milk, #2 in Butterfat and #4 in protein

4-00 305 4200 3.7%BF 157BF 3.0%P 124P

NSBA All American 2 yr. Old, and Reserve All American 3-5 yr. Old!

3rd Place Four Year Old with 2nd udder at the ‘99 ADGA Nat’ls

NSBA Gold and Platinum Lifetime awards for production with a final lifetime record of: 1,976 21,290 799 599, (average of 10.8 lbs for every day of her milking life)

Scipio is improving the herd by strengthening the traits we like so much in our doe line from Ellenore. In addition to the high production she has added to our herd, I really like the smooth and extended fore udders with strong lateral attachments that when viewed from the side, have 1/3 of the udder in front of the leg, 1/3 under the leg and 1/3 behind the leg. Semen is available from Biogenics or at the farm for 5/$100.

Four Scipio Daughters from FOUR different Dams. R-L Willow-Lane Salina, Willow-Lane Ada, Willow-Lane Iosepa, Willow-Lane Blanka)

The following is about Scipio's dam, GCH Willow-Lane Equus Ellenore 5*M

Ellenore was the 16th place intermediate kid at the 1995 National Show. She received her dry leg from Steven Richter. She freshened in 96 with an ideal mammary system. In 96 She was RGCH to Sage (a permanent GCH, see Mary) at the 1996 Utah State Fair under Sue Barker, and BUOB under John Gorman at the 1996 IDGA spring show. In 1997 she was shown 5X, and was; 4XGCH, 4XBOB, 1XRGCH, 5XBUOB, 3XBUIS, & 1XBDIS (at the Utah State Fair)!

Ellenore was The National Saanen Breeders Association All American 2 yr. Old! In 1998 we only showed her twice at the state fair and both times she was second in a very competitive Champion Challenge class of seven GCH does. She was first of nine three year olds in the Utah State fair (Sept.) milking competition with 20.594 points. In 1999 Ellenore was the 3rd Place Three Year Old with the second place udder at the 99 ADGA Nat’ls, At the Utah State Fair she topped all the goats in the one day milking competition with 29.8 points! She had the highest superior rating given by the National Saanen Breeders Association One Day Milk Test Recognition program in 1999. Ellenore was The 1999 National Saanen Breeders Association Reserve All American 3-5 yr. Old!

Ellenore was 1st and BOB Saanen in a VERY competitive Champion Challenge class of 8 does at the 2000 Utah State Fair Open show! In 2000 she was also named a Top Ten Breed Leader Saanen, ranking #4 in milk, #2 in Butterfat and #4 in protein.

After freshening as a 6 yr old Ellenore was fed too much grain in the parlor and foundered. She has had a rough time getting around the last two years, but still milked over 3,000 pounds as a 6 yr old and averaged over 10 pounds a day as a 7 yr old. We wish we could see what she would have milked if she could walk around like she could before foundering.

Her records are:

1-01 245 2010 3.0%BF 60BF 2.8%P 57P
2-00 302 3170 3.5%BF 111BF 2.9%P 91P
3-00 248 2980 3.4%BF 100BF 2.7%P 81P
4-00 305 4200 3.7%BF 157BF 3.0%P 124P
5-00 247 2700 4.4%BF 119BF 2.5%P 68P
6-00 298 3060 4.1%BF 126BF 3.0%P 91P
7-01 156 1750 4.0%BF 70BF 2.5%P 44P
8-03 94 700 3.9%BF 27BF 2.7%P 19P
9-00 71 400 4.0%BF 16BF 2.8%P 11P
Lifetime 1976 21,290 799BF 599P

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