+*B Willow-Lane Drakar
$125 for 5 Straws of semen

SS: +B Miss Willa's Nero Wolfe
S: +*B Colquitt's Wolfman Jack
SD: GCH Colquitt's Jennifer 1*M 6-00 90 (EEEE)

DS: +*B Tim Tam Big Al
D: GCH Willow-Lane Alana 5*M
DD: GCH Willow-Lane Quinever's Noelle 4*M

GCH Willow-Lane Alana 5*M

Drakar is a son of Alana, one of our all time favorite saanens. We have included her in this section for reference. We hope Drakar will throw a lot of exceptional daughters like his dam. Drakar definitely has depth of pedigree with his sire being Wolfman Jack and his dam being the fourth generation of continuous Willow-Lane GCH does! Not only does Drakar look good on paper, he is PRODUCING daughters that are improvements over their dams. His first milking daughters freshened in 2001. We are very impressed with what we he is producing and suggest using him to improve mammary systems, front end assembly, top lines, and milk production. We are excited to see more Drakar daughters freshen. Drakar semen is available from Biogenics or at the farm. 5/$100.

Alana (left)

The following is about his dam, GCH WILLOW-LANE ALANA 5*M Alana was a very smoothly blended doe with her dam's incredibly tight front end. In 1997 she was GCH Jr. doe at the 1997 IDGA spring show and Jr. Champion at the Utah State fair 4-H Show. In 1998 as a first freshening 2 yr. old, she was shown 2X, both at the very competitive saanen shows at the Utah State Fair. She was 2X1st, 1XRGCH, (to a permanent GCH Doe), 1XGCH, 1XBOB (over seven GCH challengers) and 1XBDIS over 248 does finishing her GCH!!! She was The 1998 National Saanen Breeders Association All American 2 yr. Old!

In 1999 as a second freshener she was 5th place 3 year old at the ADGA Nat'ls. At the 1999 Utah State Fair she was BOB, BUOB saanen and was BDIS in the Open show and BUIS in the youth show. She was The 1999 National Saanen Breeders Association All American 3-5 yr. Old! Alana was the kind of saanen we have been breeding for. Her pedigree is filled with many fabulous saanens, with her being the fourth continuous generation of GCH Drake family breeding!!

Alana (left)

Her DHIR records are as impressive as her show wins:
1-10 305 2800 3.7%BF 103BF 2.9%P 82P
2-10 305 3810 3.5%BF 134BF 2.9%P 111P (Missed Top Ten by 150 lbs milk, 1 lb BF, &3 lbs Protein)

Drakar Daughter: GCH W/L Cassandra, a Snubian Drakar daughter, 2 yrs old (1st freshener)
Drakar Daughter: GCH W/L Beatrice 2 yrs
Drakar Daughter: GCH W/L Beatrice 2 yrs old
Drakar Daughter: GCH W/L Beatrice 2 yrs old
Drakar Daughter: GCH W/L Beatrice2 yrs old

Drakar Daughter:W/L Millie a Snubian Drakar Daughter (2 yrs old, 2nd freshener)
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