Drake Family Farms started keeping Snubian (50:50 Saanen:Nubian Experimental) goats when Drakar one of our favorite saanen bucks bred, Sabrina, one of our best Top Ten Nubian Does. Sabrina of course had triplet does, Queen, Cassandra, and Millie, which all turned out to be high milk producing assets to the dairy.

They have also turned out to be quite good show goats showing in the recorded grade classes. They have high volume production like saanens but also have high Butterfat and protein content like the Nubians so they are really good does for overall high quality milk production. We especially enjoy the long level lactation curves they have demonstrated. We have decided to keep a few more since the originals turned out so well.

We got the name Snubians from Ray Vieira of Clovertop dairy. Ray told us that Snubians are the best goats for a commercial dairy. We have to agree they are fantastic!

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