Willow-Lane Dairy goats started in July 1984 when Daniel decided to get a dairy goat. It was just a 4-H project for a couple years but quickly turned into a herd. We now have a very competitive and productive herd of fifty-nine Saanens and Nubians. We have shown at shows in Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Nebraska, and California.

Through the years our herd has won numerous awards and we have been blessed with many goats who have become Grand Champions. Our Saanen Grand Champions and their offspring are presented here.

Here is a listing of Saanen goats. These include current members of our Saanen herd, as well as some members who are no longer with us. All are presented to help you better understand the history of our herd and how it has developed.

Grand Champions:

GCH Dan Jackie's Stacey 2*M
GCH Willow-Lane Alana 5*M
GCH Willow-Lane Equus Ellenore 5*M
GCH Willow-Lane Quinever's Noelle 4*M
GCH Willow-Lane Stacey's Quinever 3*M

And the Offspring of our Grand Champions

Willow-Lane Allison
Willow-Lane Avalon
Willow-Lane Becca
Willow-Lane Bianca
Blossom Way Jessica
Willow-Lane Estelle
Willow-Lane Guinevere
Willow-Lane Gwendolyn
Willow-Lane Queen Mab
Willow-Lane Guinever's Marcey
Willow-Lane Nicole
Willow-Lane Serenity
Willow-Lane Stephanie

Saanen Sires of our 2009 kids

The saying that says “the bucks are half the herd” is certainly true here at Willow-Lane. We see the bucks as the way to maintain the traits we like in our doe lines and a way to add or improve traits in the herd. We currently have 3 adult saanen bucks; +*B Willow-Lane Scipio, +B Clovertop’s Even Motion, and +*B Companeros Stand Out Clyde. We are pleased with how their daughters are turning out. In 2008 we added two Saanen bucklings to the herd, *B Ranea Mercio, & *B Old English Irwin. We are looking forward to what they will do for our herd in the future. Below is a summary of each of our Saanen bucks.

+*B Willow-Lane Scipio

S: ++*B Companeros Hallelujah Standard
DS: GCH ++*B des Ruhigestelle Equus
D:GCH Willow-Lane Equus Ellenore 5*M
DD: Willow-Lane Jacqueline 4*M

Scipio was an ADGA Qualifying Young Sire. Scipio’s sire, Standard has sired many GCH daughters. Scipio’s dam, GCH Willow-Lane Equus Ellenore is the most productive saanen we have ever bred and had an unstoppable will to milk. Among her many accomplishments and awards, she was:

A Top Ten Breed Leader, ranking #4 in milk, #2 in Butterfat and #4 in protein
4-00 305 4200 3.7%BF 157BF 3.0%P 124P
NSBA All American 2 yr. Old, and Reserve All American 3-5 yr. Old!
3rd Place Four Year Old with 2nd udder at the ‘99 ADGA Nat’ls

NSBA Gold and Platinum Lifetime awards for production with a final lifetime record of: 1,976 21,290 799 599, (average of 10.8 lbs for every day of her milking life) Scipio is improving the herd by strengthening the traits we like so much in our doe line from Ellenore. In addition to the high production she has added to our herd, I really like the smooth and extended fore udders with strong lateral attachments that when viewed from the side, have 1/3 of the udder in front of the leg, 1/3 under the leg and 1/3 behind the leg. Pictured are 4 Scipio Daughters from FOUR different Dams. R-L Willow-Lane Salina, Willow-Lane Ada, Willow-Lane Iosepa, Willow-Lane Blanka) Semen is available from Biogenics or at the farm for 5/$100.

+B Clovertop’s Even Motion

SS:Clovertop’s P. Andrew
S:*B Singing-Spruce CPA Promotion
SD: Singing-Spruce Sun Petrelle
DS:+*B Clovertop’s Ampherage
D:Clovertop’s Evening Shade
DD:Clovertop’s Shadowbox 1*M

Even Motion is a PUREBRED Saanen. We have a few purebred does and wanted a buck we could breed to our purebreds as well as our Americans. We are very pleased with what he has added to our herd. Even Motion’s herd name, Clovertop has historically produced many fantastic saanens. We have had great luck with the three Clovertop bucks we have purchased over the years. +B Clovertop’s Prime Shadow was such a great buck for rear udder attachments that we really liked the idea of adding Even Motion who is a maternal brother to Shadow. The rear udder picture on the cover is of five Even Motion daughters FROM FOUR DIFFERENT DAMS. He consistently throws high wide arching rear udders, strong medials and strong lateral udder attachments See cover photo of 5 daughters in the milking parlor with 12 hours of milk; R-L Willow-Lane Mindy, Willow-Lane Vandene, Willow-Lane Miko, Willow-Lane Reno, Willow-Lane Adeles. We have semen available at the farm for 5/$100.

+*B Companeros Stand Out Clyde

SS:++B Saanendoah Standard Issue AI
S:++*B SG Cherrypines Stand Out
SD: SGCH Cherrypines Super Starlet 2*M
DS:SG ++*B Heavenly "Poor" Frm Prime
D: SGCH Companeros PR Cloudy 3*M
DD:Companeros Allergory Clarissa 2*M

Clyde was a qualifying ADGA young sire. He comes from a proven breeding that has produced GCH full sisters. His Full sister SGCH Companeros Classy appraised 91 VEEE and milked 1-02 305 3810 132 F 116 P.

Clyde ’s dam, Cloudy appraised 92 VEEE at 6 years old. Cloudy consistently places near or at the top of her class and has milked over 24,000 pounds in her lifetime with an average of 4% butterfat. Clyde ’s first freshening daughters are milking well. His daughter Willow-Lane Antoinette freshened at 12 months of age and is milking over 10 pounds a day, 1-00 230 2410 2.7% 66 2.5% 62 in progress. See photo of daughters R-L Willow-Lane Ciana, Willow-Lane Ella, Willow-Lane Davia. Semen is available from Biogenics or at the farm for 5/$100.

*B Ranea Mercio

SS:*B Willow-Run Victor Sloan
S: SG +*B des Ruhigestelle Lladro
SD:SGCH des Ruhgestelle Llyonesse
DS:+*B Crybaby Farms PVT Auric
Dam: Ranea Auric No Mercy 6*M
DD:SGCH Washoe Zephyr No Drama 5*M

We admire Mercio’s dam line for production, size and power. Mercio’s dam, Ranea No Mercy is a stunning looking doe who is linebred on a buck called Companeros Cascade Comet. We had actually ordered a buck from the same breeding that produced Comet but he wasn’t born the year we sent a deposit. Comet’s daughter and Mercio’s great grand dam was GCH Washoe Zephyr 24 Karat who was twice an ADGA Reserve National Champion. Mercio’s maternal grand dam SGCH Washoe Zephyr No Drama milked over 4,500 lbs. Mercio’s sire Lladro, is a son of Llyonesse who has 5 lactations over 3,000 pounds with a lifetime record of; 1806 19,943 673 3.4% 638 3.2%. Llyonesse appraised 92 EEEE. We admire the classy finished look Lladro’s daughters have. They have great dairy character with flat angular bone. Lladro’s daughters also have exceptional mammary systems with excellent teat placement. We are breeding Mercio to half of the 2008 kids. Semen will be available after he has milking daughters.

*B Old English Irwin

SS:SG ++*B Colquitt’s Wolfman Jack
Sire: *B Old English Jack’s Son
SD:Old English Faun
DS:+*B Old English Emperor
Dam: Old English Remy
DD:SGCH Old English Penelope

Irwin is a full brother to Old English Finn who sired some beautiful daughters in our herd before his untimely death. Finn’s first freshening daughter, Willow-Lane Sylvia milked 1-07 305 3280 3.1% 103 2.7% 88, 341 3630 3.2% 116 2.7% 98 in prog. Irwin is a very long level saanen like his dam Remy. We hope he will produce daughters with the same structural correctness as his full brother Finn. We are breeding Irwin to half of the 2008 kids. Semen will be available after he has milking daughters

In addition to the bucks listed above. We have used the following bucks by Artificial Insemination this breeding season. Des Ruhigestelle Elko (current #1 USDA Sire Summary buck positive for milk, protein, and Butterfat), des Ruhigestelle Essencio, Companeros Capitan, Clovetop’s Prime Shadow, Two Cedars Isle of Man, Windsor Manor Victor, Willow-Lane Atlas Denali, Rocky Run Sass Scoundrel, Saanendoah Skittles Thunder, North Coast Jaison Collin, Coyoteville’s Lothario, des Ruhigstelle King Arthur, des Ruhigestelle Talisman, Willow-Brook Acres R Lauren, and McQuitty Farm Allison’s Ammo.

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