Drake Family Farms started in July 1984 when Dan Drake decided to get a dairy goat. It was just a 4-H project for a couple years but quickly turned into a herd. We now have a very competitive and productive herd of Nubians, Saanens, Snubians and Alpines. The first Nubian was added to the herd in 1985 when Dan won a registered Nubian doeling in a 4-H Essay contest. In 1989, Ann Bolinder of Cliffrose Nubians, also Dan's 4-H leader gave him GCH Arc C.B April 2*M, this became the foundation doe for the Willow-Lane Nubians. Nearly all of our Nubians can be traced to this doe.

We like our Nubians because they have such high quality milk. Nubian milk is the best tasting goat milk and that is one reason that we keep Nubians at Drake Family Farms. We continually have customers comment that "our milk is the best tasting goat milk they have ever had". The Nubian breed produces milk with the highest Butterfat content and also has a high protein content. In addition to improving flavor, Butterfat and Protein content are what determines the amount of cheese the milk will make. When you use Nubian milk to make cheese you have more cheese and less whey to dump at the end of the day. It is amazing what a 1-2% increase in Butterfat and Protein content do for cheese yield. Nubian milk also makes a thicker yogurt than milk from the other goat breeds.

Some people say that Nubians are noisy and a pain to deal with. We admit they can be loud at times but we have quite a few Nubians that are very docile and not loud. There are differences in the bloodlines and how noisy they are. We also never recommend anyone get just one goat, especially one Nubian as this makes them scream until they have a friend or a person with them. Goats are herd animals and should always be kept in groups of 2 or more.

Throughout the years our herd has won numerous awards and we have many Nubians who have become USDA Elite Does and Bucks, Grand Champions and achieved Superior Genetic Status. Each year the USDA updates the Elite lists and the American Dairy Goat Association, (ADGA) awards new Superior Genetics awards. We also have had bucks listed on the Young Sire Development list. This listing is of the most promising bucks registered with The ADGA each year.

To see a listing of our Nubians please visit our Nubian Sales list page.

We have listed our Nubian does in a table. You can click on their names and see their individual pages. We have numerous pictures, LA scores, and DHIR records we need to add their individual pages. Please check back often to see the updated pages. It seems that one could spend a lifetime cataloging these items for the world to view on our website. Dan is trying to get this done as time permits. If you are interested in a particular doe or bloodline that needs to be updated, please call him at (909)947-8688 (leave a message if he isn't home) or email him at Goats@drakefamilyfarms.com so he can prioritize the updating and get that information updated next.

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