How to order goats

We require a $100 deposit to hold the kid of your choice. This will be applied to the purchase price of the kid. If we can't fill your order with the kid you have reserved, you can transfer your deposit towards another kid, or have it refunded. We are sorry, but if you decide not to get your kid after it is born, the $100 is not refundable. Reserving your kid now will assure that you get the kid of your choice. Please make two selections in case your first choice has already been reserved.

We do offer a 4-H and FFA discount when you buy more than one goat. After buying your first kid at full price we offer additional kids of equal or lessor value for 10% off. If you want to discuss a kid or doe over the phone please call Daniel (909) 947-8688. He is usually at work, so if he does not answer leave a message and tell him how late he can call. He usually gets home in the evening Pacific time.

Kid raising

We have a CAE prevention program that has included 15 years of heat treating colostrum and pasteurizing milk for all kids. Our kids are fed milk for 12 weeks, and started on grain, and free choice alfalfa and clean water during that time. We feed our kids milk three times a day, approximately 1-2 pints each feeding for maximum growth.

All kids are raised on heat treated goat colostrum, pasteurized goat milk and in special kid rearing areas with a small group of kids their age to reduce possible exposure to disease and parasites.


The price of each kid includes up to two weeks of boarding at our farm. After that time it needs to be picked up, shipped, or arrangements made for additional boarding. Additional boarding is available at a cost of $1.50 a day. We hope that every kid shipped or picked up will continue to be raised on a CAE prevention program. Our farm is near the Salt Lake City International Airport and we will deliver kids there for shipping. We have shipping carriers that can be borrowed and returned by UPS.

All shipping costs and health certificate costs will be assumed by the buyer. In the past shipping has generally ranged from $200-$400. We welcome you to pick up your kids at our farm. We can also deliver kids to shows we attend.

Buck Kids

We would like to reserve the right to get 25 straws of semen back at collection cost from our buck kids. Let us know, at the time you purchase the buck, if that is not going to be possible, otherwise this right is assumed.

Herd Health

We have preventive medicine herd health and biosecurity programs on our farm. We test our goats annually for The Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Virus (at The WSU Diagnostic Lab). We test annually for Brucellosis and Tuberculosis and are in the process of becoming accredited free. We also are accredited with the Scrapie Erradication program.

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