Goats For Sale
We do not have a complete or current list of goats for sale with pedigrees and pictures. Unfortunately, this is an impossible task with two large herds of goats. We also find it very time consuming and not very rewarding to sell goats one at a time, often with many hours of conversation about each goat during the sale process.

Many people request pictures and opinions about the various kids and the related animals in the pedigree, Since our business is a commercial dairy and our income is from selling milk and milk products, we don't have time for all this dialogue. Even though I personally love to talk about goats, (This is part of the problem with it taking so much time). The best way for you to choose a kid(s) is to schedule an appointment to come to the farm and see the goats for yourself.

Due to the time involved in running two commercial dairies we have also stopped showing our goats. We have sold mature does to other breeders who have gone on to show them and done very well. If you wish to come pick out a mature show doe, they are available at $2,500 each. Some have asked, "why such high prices?" You need to remember this is coming to a large herd and picking the best of the best, to get these super fancy does you would need to raise and freshen at least 20 doe kids and then pick the best one, raise it for another year or two and then after all this time and expense you have the fancy mature doe who will win the shows. Actually considering those factors, $2,500 is a steal. As most breeders know raising goats with a high level of care is very expensive. If you want to buy a mature show doe you will need to come to the farm, or send a representative to choose for you. This is a very important and individual decision and we will NOT make the choice for you. It is best to buy your fancy show goats in the winter or fall, then move them to your farm, and let them adapt to your environment while pregnant and dry, freshen at your herd, and then go to the shows. This has the added benefit of the kids the doe is carrying being included free in the your purchase price.


Young kids start at $650 each,
Weaned kids ready for export $1,000 each
Breeding Bucks $1,000 each
Adult milking does (not fancy show goats, but healthy and productive) $750
*We have a Limited seasonal supply of adult milking goats for sale
Adult Fancy show goats $2,500 each

If you wish to see some pictures of our goats, go to the Willow-Lane Dairy Goats Facebook page.
If you have questions about the goats please email us or call Dan at (909)947-8688 or (951) 833-3236