The price listed is for a 2010 born doe/buck kid that will be born to the doe's "Name" listed and the "Buck Bred to". The doe is not for sale unless she is listed on our page Goats Currently for sale. ie. we are keeping these goats but are offering the kids for sale when they are born. In order to get the best selection we suggest you choose the kid you would like to preorder and then send a deposit before someone else orders the kid(s) you prefer.


Name Description Birthdate Dam Sire Buck Bred To Ultrasound Due Date Kid Price
Bliss Cham 02/12/07 Cano Armador Klein   July $600
Ferocious Brown Cou Blanc 04/05/06 Darlene Highlight Speed Preg 04/22/10 $800
Hilarity Gray 05/03/06 Victoria Hoss Kinfolk Preg 04/23/10 $750
Princess Cham 07/16/07 Velocity Armador Klein Preg 04/15/10 $500
Via Lt. Cham 03/31/07 Victoria E. Costello Klein Preg 04/23/10 $400
Zelda Lavender 03/31/07 Victoria E. Costello Speed Preg 04/16/10 $500
Dora Broken Chamoisee 04/24/08 Keigaro Ransom Klein   July $400
936 Chamoisee 03/15/09 Princess Klein Ferocious Buck June $300
985 Sungau 05/07/09 Hilarity Dandy Ferocious Buck Preg 05/03/10 $300
987   05/08/09 Darlene   Ferocious Buck June $500
Z001 Chamoisee 05/18/09 Dora Klein Ferocious Buck July $300
Z002 Sungau 05/18/09 Dora Klein Ferocious Buck July $300
Z033 Chamoisee 07/10/09 Bliss Klein Ferocious Buck July $400
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