Drake Family Farms started in July 1984 when Daniel decided to get a dairy goat.

It was just a 4-H project for a couple years but quickly turned into a herd. We now have a very competitive and productive herd of 59, Saanens and Nubians. We have shown at shows in Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Nebraska, and California.

Showing and participating in DHIR helps us to know that our herd is competitive and reaching our goals. Our does have received several National Top Ten record awards. The highlight of 1994 was when Elizabeth’s doe “Ivory” won National Junior Champion Saanen at the ADGA National Show in Nebraska. Sabrina followed in the footsteps of her mother ranking #6 in the Top Ten Nubian Breed Leaders.

At the 1995 National Show in Salem, Oregon, the herd did very well, with the Nubians winning 7th place Best Three Females, 7th place Dairy Herd, and 2nd place produce of Dam from our foundation doe, “April“!

Her last daughter, also named April was the 11th place 4 year old in a huge class of the best does in the country, and also won the 1995 ADGA National Show Nubian production awards for Highest 305 day lactation, for BOTH milk and butterfat!

In the Saanen breed, Quinever‘s Produce of Dam was 4th place. Willow-Lane Legacy Genevieve, the 7th place Saanen Jr. kid was accepted and sold in the Colorama sale.

Genevieve’s dam, Stacey (Daniel’s favorite doe) won the 1995 ADGA National Show Recorded Grade Highest 305 day lactation in BOTH milk and butterfat, AND the highest LIFETIME RECORD in BOTH milk and butterfat!

In 1996-98 we didn’t show any goats at the Nationals since the shows were so far away. In 1997 we attended shows in our area and the goats had many champion wins. In 1998-2000 we were building a grade A milking parlor, so we only showed at the Utah State Fair and The 99 ADGA National Show in Sacramento, California. At the National show the does had some very impressive placings!

At the 99 Utah State fair we had BOB Nubian, BOB Saanen, BDIS, BUIS and won the Premier Breeder of Show award. At the 2000 State fair we had the BOB Nubian and BOB Saanen. Even though the state fair was our only show, we were very happy when Ellenore was one of the Top Ten Breed Leader Saanens, ranking #4 in Milk, #2 in Butterfat, and #4 in protein.

Sabrina followed in the footsteps of her mother ranking #6 in the Top Ten Nubian Breed Leaders.

In 2001, we also only showed at the Utah State Fair. We were happy to have some champions in each breed but we miss the days when we attended many shows each season. We wish we could have shown at more shows in 1998-2001 to finish some more Championships of the does but it wasn’t possible with our schedules and the work on the dairy.

>We finished the dairy and received our Grade A permit in November 2000. We are still working on product development and marketing, two more full time jobs in addition to raising the goats.

Working on product development and marketing has taken and continues to take a lot of time. Nearly all that work has come from Ron, Jeanette, and Richard. This increased time needed marketing and Dan’s job as a Dairy Cow Veterinarian in Southern, CA has really limited the amount of showing we can do. Margaret got married and is now living in Georgia with her husband Jason and daughters Jade and Elise. Elizabeth is attending Veterinary School at Washington State University. This leaves a void for the showing crew.

It is difficult to finish does when you only show under three judges per year but we still finished three does in 2004, Beatrice, Darlene and Cassandara. Cassandra took the whole State Fair winning GCH, BOB, BUOB, in the Recorded Grade division, then went on to win Best Doe in Show AND Best Udder of show, AND she had the highest point ranking in the official one day milking competition! We were very pleased to win another Premier Breeder award at the 2004 Utah State Fair./

We have decided to keep a smaller herd of very high quality does for the dairy rather than a huge herd. Since we maintain a small herd of mature milking does, we will be selling most of our kids again this next year as well as some milking does. This is your chance to take advantage of superb quality dairy goats at reasonable prices.

We usually don’t sell many mature animals but, if you are interested in a mature doe or buck, make us an offer and we will consider it. The following pages are of does we have, bucks we use, and some information we felt was most important. Our breedings are carefully planned to improve the kids over the dam. If you want additional information on why we thought the breeding would work well,
and/or color pictures of the animals, please let us know.

We have official milk records on all the does. Our herd goal is to produce dairy goats that are just those, DAIRY goats. Our ultimate goal is a herd of GCH does that each milk over 3,000 pounds with high butterfat and protein.

Over the years many of our favorite old champions passed away. GCH Dan Jackie’s Stacey, GCH Willow-Lane Stacey’s Quinever, GCH +*B Singing Spruce NES Shogun, GCH Cliffose K July, GCH +*B Capricorn Three Ti Excalibur, GCH Willow-Lane April, GCH Willow-Lane Alana, & GCH Willow-Lane Ellenore, are on our website for information since they are the progenitors to our current herd.

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